Dear Friends,

Thanks everyone for the great feedback about the twitter contest.  Of course we want all our friends, fans, and followers to have a chance to participate ☺  That’s exactly the reason we announced the contest to all our friends/fans on Facebook and through our blog too, instead of only through twitter.

Twitter’s technology works differently than Facebook. It allows for the tracking of contest entrants’ names more reliably, which is why these kinds of contests have become popular on twitter. If there’s a way to do it on Facebook, we are unfamiliar with it.  But who knows, we’re pretty new to this whole social networking thing, so we’ll look into it or maybe even invent a wheel here. Woo hoo! And if you have seen similar Facebook contests where existing fans suggest pages to their friends and then they and their friends who become new fans can be reliably tracked and entered into a pool of contestants, let us now. We’d love to do it on Facebook too!

Meanwhile, anyone can join twitter.  It’s free and easy to do.  If you want, call us and we’ll walk you through it.

Please know, our intention was not to exclude, but precisely the opposite.  Most importantly, we’re glad you shared your feedback with us because it helps us know what our valued friends think, feel, and want.  After all, we’re in the happiness business, so thank you for helping us be responsive.

In Good Health,