Dear Friends,

Happy February! Did you know that February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month? Most of us know February is Black History Month. And maybe you even know February is National Cancer Prevention Month.  But I bet you didn’t know that February is also National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month, Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month, Sinus Pain Awareness Month, and Termite Awareness Month, among many others!  So how do I know this? I found it on the Internet, where else!

The Internet and all its little cousins, from smart phones to Facebook, are increasingly part of our lives.  No longer just kid stuff, connecting with people through things like social media and mobile content is now not only a favorite pastime of 35-55 year old women, but also a necessity for the largest, most respected, and often most serious-minded corporations and non-profit organizations worldwide.  And who are we to buck the trend?

Don’t get me wrong. I revel in bucking some trends, like fad diets, air kisses, travel surcharges, and the short-lived resurgence of goucho pants (didn’t we learn our lesson in the ’80s that shorter, wider legs are not a good idea!?).  But connecting with like-minded people all pooling ideas – and in our specific case, supporting each other in living happier, healthier lives – well, that’s OK in my book.

So for Deerfield Spa, this February 2010 is “Tech-Connect Month.”  That’s right, as of today, Deerfield Spa is not only on Facebook, but twitter too! I can hardly get over it. Who’d’ve thunk? After all, we’re in the “high-touch” business, not high-tech.  We’re all about meaningful and real human connections with warm, caring, people.  Hands-on pampering, hands-on fitness coaching, hands-on healthy cooking classes, and the kind of friendship, intimacy, and trust that come from being able to look someone in the eye, see their body language, offer a pat on the back or a welcome hug.

But let’s face it, even our most fervent devotees don’t live here full time (though a few have tried and many more have dreamt it so!). Deerfield is a place where you come to take a break from your routine, to refresh, re-set, relax, and reunite with friends.  In between visits, who knows – maybe connecting with Deerfield people, Deerfield ideas, and Deerfield culture through Facebook or twitter could be just the thing to help you maintain healthy lifestyle habits, keep you laughing, keep you learning, help you manage stress and make positive choices.  That is certainly our aim.  That will be what Deerfield’s Facebook and twitter content will be all about.  And we’ll also post new specials and discounts along the way, something the immediacy of the medium makes possible.

So I hope you’ll join us online between visits.  Give and take ideas.  Tell us how you’re doing?  Share your struggles. Celebrate your successes. Become a fan on Facebook and follow us on twitter.  We’re here, we’re using high-tech methods to fulfill our high-touch ideals, and we’re building a vibrant online community dedicated to real-life health and happiness.

Of course if nothing short of actual face time at Deerfield will do, we have a few spots left for our upcoming “Better Than Chocolate” Weekend Feb. 12-14.  Fun, fitness, warmth, and wellbeing, along with a special optional workshop series on “Loving Your Life” conducted by life coach and author, Dawn Morningstar.   And April’s not far behind, so check out our wonderful specials for the 2010 season and make your reservations soon.  If you want to know more about anything on the schedule, check out our website or call me – because twitter and Facebook aside, we are all still here for you, still living and breathing, loving to hear from you, and waiting with open arms to greet you on your arrival.

In Good Health,