healthy lunch ideasThe back to school season has been in full swing throughout the month of September. Now that everyone is once again in a routine, it’s a great time to start focusing on some healthy snacks and lunches to fill the kids’ lunchboxes. Here are a few easy options to mix it up for the kids (or yourself for that matter!).

  • Pita sandwiches are fun! Add cheese, deli meat, and lots of veggies and it’s like a salad in a pocket. Or stuff the pita with tuna or chicken salad, veggies and a vinegar based dressing for a little zest.
  • Mini egg salad sandwiches on whole grain cocktail bread. Kids love mini sandwiches.
  • Deli and cheese roll-ups. Roll up a slice of deli meat with cheese, lettuce, pickles, and any other veggies the kids love.
  • A small bowl of chicken chili with crackers.
  • Dinner leftovers from the night before – chicken legs, turkey slices, or sliders.
  • Raw veggies with a healthy dip.
  • Salads with all different veggies, meats, cheeses, and tortilla strips for added crunch.
  • A cup of soup.
  • Fresh fruits with a small amount of chocolate dipping sauce. Make your own, it’s healthier.

If you have a picky eater, try a few options at home over the weekend and see what will work best for a healthy lunch as well. Switch it up and keep it interesting. If possible, let your child help prepare lunch so it’s even more satisfying to eat it at school later!