National Wear Red Day

Today is National Wear Red Day for Heart Health Awareness. So when you go out on the town tonight, you can really paint the town red by donning your scarlet best.  If you’re staying in tonight, you may want to check your waist/hip ratio to assess your heart disease risk level. Here’s how:

1.    Measure your waist (at your bellybutton)

2.    Meaure your hips (at the widest part)

3.    Divide your waist measurement (in inches) by your hip measurement (also in inches)

If the measurement is 0.80 or below, your risk level is low.

If the measurement is 0.81 to 0.85, your risk level is moderate

If the measurement is 0.85 or higher, your at high risk

Remember, your health is also affected by other factors, such as remembering to keep your weight at a healthy level, eating nutritiously, exercising, not smoking, managing stress, and maintaining other healthy lifestyle habits – like enjoying yourself, so how about that red dress!