Fitness through intelligent exercise & relaxation techniques.Deerfield Menu of Classes offers something for everyone, whatever your fitness level, interests, or goals.Based on occupancy. you will have the following choice of classes:

Ab-Zone: Target upper and lower abdominal, oblique, and low back muscles. Combines mat work and standing maneuvers with resistance to work the entire core.

Afternoon Stretch: Gently stretch out kinks from morning workout and prevent next day soreness with this 20 minute series of flexibility moves performed “al fresco” (sport court).

Beginner’s Boxing: Learn boxing basics for cardio, upper-body and core conditioning. Unlike cardio kick-boxing, work at your own pace and discover boxing’s fitness benefits.

Body Bar Basics: A resistance training class using a weighted body bar for total-body toning, strengthening and sculpting.

Body Toning 101: Total-body circuit including resistance machines and equipment has individual stations for specific exercises, each to strengthen and tone different body parts.

Boot Camp: With elements from military boot camp, this total body fitness class presents strength training moves in rapid succession for an added cardiovascular benefit.

Butts and Guts: An entire class dedicated to everyone’s favorite body parts! Mat work, resistance equipment and weighted balls make it effective and fun.

Cardio Salsa: Mambo and Merengue your way to cardiovascular fitness and fat burn. Move your hips to hot Latin rhythms to tone your core while you’re working up a sweat.

Chair Aerobics: Raise your heart rate, strengthen your core, tone your upper body, and improve the range of motion in your joints — all from the comfort of your own folding chair! Coreboard: Step-like and resistance exercises done with the intentionally unstable Reebok Coreboard help improve core strength, balance, and spacial awareness.

Cybex Circuit: Rotate through a series of stations to strengthen and sculpt. Cybex machines’ biomechanically correct design helps you achieve proper form in weight training.

Dance Aerobics: Tone muscles, burn calories, and lift your spirits with an aerobic routine set to the greatest tunes of yesterday and today.

Do-In (pronounced: Doe-een): Form of self massage invigorates the body and brings vital oxygen to tissues and organs. Bring your body into balance by maintaining health and vitality.

Flexibility: A gentle and methodical class dedicated to improving flexibility in all body parts through a series of deep, sustained stretches.

Having a Ball: Total body workout with cardio warm-up then resistance and balance work – all done while holding, moving, balancing, and resting on an oversized inflatable ball.

High Impact Aerobics: Higher-intensity, faster-paced cardio workout combining classic aerobics choreography and familiar dance steps to maximize fat burn and stamina.

Lower Body Workout: An entire class dedicated to strengthening, toning, and sculpting the lower body from the abs on down.

Lite Aerobics: Simple choreography, low intensity, and low impact make this class an great alternative to a gentle walk, and a great introduction to other aerobics class formats.

Morning Stretch: A great way prepare your body for a day of physical activity! 20 minutes of gentle stretching performed “al fresco” (on our sport court).

Pilates: Low-impact strength and stretching exercises conditions deep core muscles, improves spinal alignment and posture, and promotes flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Pilates Mat: Standing, seated, and lying down exercises for any fitness level. Great for beginners and experienced participants.

Pilates Reformer: Performed using the Reformer slide apparatus, which supports the neck and spine and promotes good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.

Pool Class: The water’s resistance and buoyancy provide for safe, comfortable yet challenging cardio, sculpting, and strengthening. Water weights, noodles, and web gloves intensify and target the work.

Power Walk: A fast-paced walk on a nice country road includes flat portions and gentle hills.

Qi-Gong: Ancient Chinese martial art combining calming, flowing movements with mindful breathing to benefit the movement of Qi (pronounced: chee), or energy, within the body.

Spintro: Group cycling takes your cardio workout to the intensity level that suits you best, from gentle to vigorous.

Step Aerobics: Raise your heart rate stepping on, off, and around variable height platforms to improve cardiovascular stamina and burn fat. Good for people of all fitness levels.

Tai-Chi: Often called “meditation in motion,” this graceful exercise consists of gliding through dance-like poses. Reduces stress and harmonizes the mind/body connection.

20/20/10: This combination workout consists of cardio, resistance, and flexibility routines for a total body workout.

Yoga: Guides you through gentle Integral Hatha Yoga postures, breathing practices, and deep relaxation. Culminates with a short meditation to relax the body and calm the mind.

Yo-Wei (pronounced: Yo WAY): Exclusive to Deerfield. Combines Yoga-inspired postures with hand-held weighted balls to gently increase full-body toning and improve core stability. (Check out exclusive DVD in our boutique).

Zumba: Inspired by tribal and ethnic rhythms from around the world, this dance-based workout provides cardio, toning and core conditioning along with a really great time.