All of the wonderful meals and snacks at Deerfield Health Retreat and Spa are freshly made with love and care onsite in the Deerfield kitchen. Our talented, creative kitchen team even incorporates fresh herbs picked right from our very own Victorian herb garden! The Deerfield Health Retreat and Spa cuisine is expertly prepared, beautifully presented, and lovingly served in the cozy ambiance of our sunny dining room, so every meal at Deerfield is a pleasurable experience. We use right-size portions and caloric consciousness when planning and preparing all of our meals and snacks. Eating for weight loss and great health at Deerfield is both easy and enjoyable! Deerfield can accommodate individual dietary restrictions and preferences, so please let our team know how we can help. We look forward to delighting your palate…book your stay with us today!

A Balanced Approach To Eating:

Deerfield’s cuisine offers perfectly prepared meals including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing our guests to learn to eat in a well-balanced, enjoyable way. We focus on wholesome, sensible meals that leave your body and mind energized.

Meals are served in a community atmosphere that encourages socializing and offers the opportunity to meet new friends. However, we also honor our guests’ requests for privacy and independence. We are happy to arrange for meal delivery or pick up from the Deerfield dining room.

Cooking Demonstrations

Step into our gourmet kitchen and learn healthy and delicious trade secrets from our chefs. Learn firsthand how uncomplicated preparing Deerfield Tiramisu, Lentil Loaf and Incredible Ruben are to prepare. We provide the tools you need to take our delicious healthy eating program home so you can take charge and reach your highest wellness potential.

Inventive, flavorful, satisfying . . . Surprise your taste buds.