Dear Friends,

Welcome to Deerfield Spa’s 2010 season! Yes, opening day was Friday, and what a beautiful opening day we had.  The rain stopped just for us.  We custom ordered it, of course!

You know, all the rain we had this March got me thinking about the notion of “too much of a good thing.”  How many times have we heard, “everything in moderation?”  Of course we need rain for a healthy planet, but in excess it can wreck havoc.

Moderation is a concept with particular relevance in our world – the spa world: from fitness, beauty, and nutrition, to stress management, pampering, and time for ourselves.  We all know exercise is critical to health of body, mind, and spirit, but overdoing it can be detrimental in many ways.  When it comes to nutrition, maintaining a balance of good fats and good carbs, with the right amount of fiber and protein is the Holy Grail.  We’re all painfully aware that over-indulgence is unhealthy, but we often overlook the fact that over-restricting can be harmful as well.  Even when it comes to caring for our body’s biggest organ – our skin – too much of a good thing can be bad.  Over cleansing and over exfoliating, for example, can lead to inflammation and injury, and a vicious cycle of damage and repair.

So as we embark on another glorious season at Deerfield Spa, dedicated to well being, relaxation, pampering, fun, and friendship, we remember not to jump too hard, too far, or too fast at first into our fitness or weight management jump starts.  Easy does it.  Staying conscious of how your body reacts and acclimating to new lifestyle choices is infinitely more sustainable and healthier overall than extremes in any one direction.  And as always, there’s no substitute for having great support in your efforts, finding ways to make the process of change fun, and laughing all along the way!

Whatever your goals this season, we are honored and delighted to support you in them, to make the process fun, and to keep you laughing all the while.  Come and see us soon.  We’ll be waiting with open arms.

In Good Health,

Joan Wolff