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Daily life can be hectic. We all experience stress from time to time. The key is to find techniques that help you reduce stress. Photo credit:

We all know what stress feels like, and when it hits we want to squash it as quickly as possible. There are a few things we can do to help that stressful feeling go away.


Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery

The best way to do this is to take a walk. It doesn’t have to be a speed walk for five miles to be effective. Even just a lap around the block at a leisurely pace will help. If you are in an area with scenery that you just love, such as in the woods, at the beach, or in a big city, just sit outside and take it all in. Just 10 minutes can help.

Meditate and visualize

Guided imagery is a great way to re-center. Close your eyes, put up a picture in your mind of your happy place, take a few deep breaths and talk yourself through your rough patch. Calming thoughts, along with deep breathing and thinking of things that make you happy can push that stress aside. And meditation doesn’t require any specific skill. It’s all about turning the world off around you and finding your happy center.

Yoga, or just stretch

Sometimes just moving around can help you forget your troubles. The deep breathing associated with yoga and stretching can do double duty – help you exercise and breathing through whatever made you stressed. In turn, you’ll be more relaxed and feel physically on top of the world.

Have a healthy snack, or a piece of dark chocolate

If you opt for a healthy snack, a banana is a great choice. It helps to regulate your blood pressure which could be rising due to stress. Other healthy choices include; slices of fruit, a handful of nuts, some whole grain chips and salsa, a fruit smoothie, some yogurt or a small piece of dark chocolate.

Step away from the computer and the smartphone

Too much staring at that a screen can make anyone a little anxious. Take a step back from technology and give your eyes and brain a break. Too much computer use has been known to cause insomnia, depression and added stress. So disconnect for a little while every chance you get. While you’re disconnected, enjoy some outdoor time, if possible.

Play with your pets

Petting your dog or cat can prove to be therapeutic. They want and need you around and that feeling can help push stress aside. It can be relaxing for both you and your pet to just sit and relax together or play a game of fetch.

Put some music on

Whether it’s pop music, oldies, dance or whatever, music has been known to soothe the savage beast. Stress overload can make you feel a little like a beast so why not stop it in its tracks with some dance moves or singing? Cleaning the house is much more fun with music blaring. It’s like killing a few birds with one stone – the house gets clean, you get some exercise and the stress disappears.

Talk to a trusted friend

Really need to let it out? Talk to a friend you trust. You’ll get to let it all out and maybe get some good advice in the process. And the laughs will just be an added bonus. Laughter is the best medicine.

Got kids? Pull out the coloring book and crayons

Coloring has been known to be very therapeutic for adults. And if you are coloring with your kids, you’re spending quality time bonding. And try not to giggle and laugh; impossible. Even though some days it’s the kids who cause the stress, they can also be the remedy.

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Being in nature reduces stress. If you can get out, go for a walk or a hike to relax and unwind. Even a few minutes outside can make a lot of difference. Photo credit: