All Skin Care is Not Created Equal

So you go for a facial and you want to come out glowing.  Of course you expect your therapist to be properly trained and certified, and to use the best techniques for your skin condition and goals, but what about the products they’ll use on your skin? Are all hydrating serums alike? All deep cleansing masques the same?  The answer is no.  The type of active ingredients, the percentage or concentration of those ingredients, and even the inactive ingredients can make your skin care preparations more or less effective.

Say you’re having a glycolic peel. You certainly want the percentage of glycolic acid to be high enough to produce the results best for you.  But just to know that the product being used on you has a “high percentage” of glycolic acid, say 75% for argument’s sake, doesn’t always mean you’re getting the benefit of 75% glycolic acid.  The pH of the product can buffer the effective level of the acid to less than half its original strength.  Even the fillers used in a product can change its efficacy.

Virtually every product has at least SOME fillers, for example something to make it lather, or to keep the active ingredients dispersed throughout the mixture.  But exactly what type of ingredient is used to accomplish these results can also change how well the product works.  Parabens, for example, are commonly used, but are far from ideal since they are petroleum-based, synthetically produced, and have been linked to certain health issues.

The Prana line of skinceuticals we use at Deerfield, on the other hand, use the all natural, botanically-based yucca extract as a surfactant to enhance lathering, silkiness, and spreadability.  To boot, yucca extract strengthens skin cells, so the ingredient multiplies the benefits of a given product.

The key to getting what you need is to ask questions.  Talk to your skin care therapist.  Find out about the active ingredients in the products they use – whatever your goals, from anti-aging, deep cleansing, or hydrating, to calming acne and rosacea.  Find out what kind of training, certifications – and continuing education – your therapist brings.   You don’t have to be an expert, yourself, but make sure you’re confident in your therapist’s expertise.

When you can fully put your trust in your esthetician, then you can really lie back and simply enjoy.