9 Tips to Beat Stress

We all know what stress feels like, and when it hits we want to squash it as quickly as possible. There are a few things we can do to help that stressful feeling go away.   Get outdoors and...


Confessions of an Esthetician

Deerfield’s own skincare therapist, Dawn Butler Kowalyk, comes clean in a fun romp on beautynewsnyc.com.  Now we know all Dawn’s secrets! http://www.beautynewsnyc.com/spa/confessions-of-an-esthetician/

Relax Your Way to A Healthy Heart

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month.  According to the American Heart Association, nearly 2,400 Americans die every day from cardiovascular disease. Yes, EVERY DAY. But the vast majority of these deaths can be prevented. Though too many people...