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“Kick Start a healthy life style! Fresh air, hike, swim, relax …get healthy. Regiment your sleep!
Loose weight! Get Fit! Eat healthy!”

– Melmilktoast, Connecticut, August 7, 2014

“Amazing Country Inn Spa in the Pocono Mountains Pa. This Spa is a true find!!! I just returned from my weekend there and my opinion is LOVED IT!!!! If you are looking for a super upscale stuffy hotel luxury spa this place may not be for you. Deerfield has a relaxed country inn type of feeling. The staff is friendly and professional and the chef is very creative with delish low cal meals. The daily specials on the menu are great! Adored the spa services the massage and facial was so worth it. The fitness classes go on all day and you can pick and choose the classes you like. In warm weather the outdoor pool and water aerobics are great fun. I will return for another vacation soon.”

– Salomeflowers, New York NY, July 10, 2014

“The location of the spa itself will throw you off, but don’t let it fool you. The services are extensive and fabulous and the staff does great work. You leave feeling relaxed and important.”

– RebeccaHeath, January 18, 2013

“Relaxing and plain awesome! I love it here, every service I’ve ever ordered or had here has been FANTASTIC! I live fairly close so I had not stayed, I’ve heard only great things. I usually just go for some special treatments to relax and just spoil myself sometimes. Put THIS place on your list, forget the casino spas THIS place will pamper you like you’re part of the family. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, oops started to doze off just thinking about the way they make me feel. Love it! Love Joan, she’s great!”

– RockinRob1, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania October 22, 2012

“I just got back from the Deerfield Spa and had a great week. I was at the point of having to set the reset button just needed some time away from the everyday stress and needed to start making myself a priority. I was sold the moment I heard the outdoor pool was open and heated! It was a gorgeous week full of exercise classes, eating proper serving sizes, water aerobics and relaxing. Everyone was so nice. The other guests were all wonderful, fun and supportive. Classes with Joe and Jody were especially great. Jody choreographed pool routines which were a lot of fun, she had the best water aerobics classes! Massages with Jim were excellent and extremely relaxing as well. The spa is not luxurious but it is very comfortable. I would equate it to a bed and breakfast type atmosphere. My room was very cute with lots of wicker. The exercise studios were nice as was the spa. My favorite amenity was the pool. I returned home feeling refreshed and ready for anything.”

– CtKimberly, CT. , April 22, 2012

“Healthy! Well done. Good staff. Nice quiet retreat. Best indoor facilities.”

– Jacqualyn J., Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, January 16, 2012

“Incredible Spa! Excellent Gourmet Food,Superior Exercise/Fitness,Best massages and facials in the whole world. Hands down, the best spa in the country. I just returned from an absolutely glorious week and I feel like a new person. The fitness/exercise program by Joe and Shawm is perfect. The food is carefully prepared by an experienced team of gourmet chefs.I wish I could bring them all home. The price was the best I could find. Very competitive which is important in this horrifiic economic climate. The front desk staff, the cleaning staff all loving and caring. The owner Mrs. Joann Wolfe is sweeter than honey. She really cares about all of her customers. If you don’t go to this spa, it will be your loss. If I ever win the lottery I am going to spend an entire summer at Deerfield and come out looking like an older Angelina Jolie.I give the owner my highest recommendation without reservation.”

– Rcowley1, Baltimore, Maryland, April 12, 2011

“A great way to learn about Deerfield is through the eyes of our guests. Visit http://www.littlechanges.com/deerfieldspa.html to view a slide show by Priscilla Houliston, who lost over 200 pounds biking from Florida to Maine, and then turned to Deerfield Spa to launch her final 100-pound weight.

Deerfield’s massage therapists are not only good, they’re gifted! WOW. And all the staff are the friendliest and most accessible I’ve found at any spa – no “holier than thou” attitude like some other places I’ve been. I loved every single meal. I couldn’t believe this food was actually healthy, low in calories, and made without salt. It inspired me to keep cooking healthier at home. The atmosphere is so relaxed, almost like being at camp. And the people I met were truly nice. This place seems to attract people with more class than flash. No pretensions, no posing. Very refreshing.”

– C.E., Red Bank, NJ, Sep 08

“I have been visiting Deerfield Spa for more than 20 years! Great food, wonderful classes, pampering, hiking and a caring staff. You’ll love it! A.L., Philadelphia, PA, May 08 Dear Joan, This is just a note to say that I had a wonderful time at the spa. Thank you for that. I felt the trainers were wonderful, so full of knowledge and accommodating to everyone. Everyone made us feel so comfortable and it was just a great experience. I must say the food was just fantastic. We enjoyed the cooking class tremendously! The massages were just the thing you needed after working out! I would recommend this Spa to all. Our group did some bonding and we hope to get together again next year. Again, it was a great experience to put me on the healthy track. Hope to see all of you again with my daughter and !”

– N.C., Mechanicsville, VA, May 08

“I was looking for a spa because I had weight to lose, and eating habits to change. I found Deerfield spa through a friend who had been there before, and taking her advice that it was a good spa, I went there and decided to stay for a month. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised with management and staff. The cuisine was excellent and taught me to eat healthy. All of the trainers were patient and accommodating. The rest of the staff was an absolute joy and made my stay extremely comfortable. My experience there was beyond what I expected and I am so looking forward to going back. I was also able to accomplish my goal.”

– E.L., Freeport, PA, Jun 08

“I was searching online for health and weight loss spas as well as places that offered fun activities, yoga, and meditation. Having a tendency to be a high-strung person, I really felt like I needed to get away and take some time to try to take care of myself physically and mentally. I really needed to de-stress. I had never been away on vacation alone and was really worried about how things might go being alone. Well, all those worries washed away when I arrived at Deerfield. At one point, I actually thought to myself, maybe I had died and was in heaven. I was so completely relaxed, happy, and peaceful. This was one of the very best things I’ve ever done for myself. I loved every minute of it and didn’t want to leave. I actually cried the day that I had to go home because I had never felt such peace as I did there. And I laughed more in a week there than I had in a long time. Everything at Deerfield was wonderful. The buildings are nice and quaint and very homey. The exercise classes are amazing. I loved the pool aerobics and hiking was amazing. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. I learned how to eat healthy and have it taste good at the same time. Best of all, the people were wonderful. I felt like I had known the people there for ages. We had such a good time together and laughed so much. It’s very motivating to be around positive people who are there to have fun, get healthier, and relax all at the same time. I almost forgot, the massages were excellent as well. I had the Lomi-Lomi and a Swedish massage. I was just telling someone how much I loved Deerfield last night and I thought that I should share this information. This is a place where you can be alone if you want to or you can never be alone if you don’t want to. You can relax and get pampered all week, you can workout non-stop, or a combination of both. It is whatever you make of it. For the first time in ages, I actually WANTED to workout and take the classes and go hiking, etc… It was fun. I am still working on implementing these changes into my daily life. I left with a renewed awareness of what types of food I put into my body and I also left with a feeling of accomplishment. I took a chance by going on a vacation/adventure solo and it worked out perfectly to say the least. I wish I could go back to Deerfield as I’m writing this. Hopefully I will be able to meet up with the same group of women I met during my stay next summer. Until then, take care!”

– D.S., taken from Trip Advisor, Aug 08

“I had put down a $100 deposit for an 18 day tour of Spain when I decided that I was feeling really low. I needed to feel healthy again by eating right and exercising. So, instead of Spain, I searched the Internet and chose to go to Deerfield Spa-in the Pocono Mountains about 2 hours away from where I grew up in Pennsylvania. It is a decision that I will NEVER regret as my 3 week stay at Deerfield has motivated me to make positive changes in my life. I can’t say enough good things about my spa experience. My friends teased me before I left, telling me I’d be home in a week, but instead I stayed the 3 weeks and cried when it came time for me to leave. Everyone from the trainers to the wait staff, the hiking guides and the people at the front desk were accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, motivating and made me laugh daily! Throughout the day and evening laughter could be heard throughout the house and in the gyms! There were plenty of activities to choose from beginning at 6:30 am and ending around 4pm. All the activities are voluntary and there is never pressure to do anything you don’t want to do, but I chose to pack my days with morning power walks, the AM stretch, pilates, various aerobic and weight training classes, circuit training, boxing circuit, pool classes, boot camp and hiking to name a few. I even tried yoga and Qi Gong! There were weekly trips to the Outlets for shopping and the Mount Airy Casino and a movie theater are just a short drive away. The evenings were busy too. I liked to get massages in the evening…the Lomi Lomi was INCEREDIBLE and I truly enjoyed the Swedish Massages too. Deerfield offered Irish Dancing, Belly Dancing, Taro Card lectures and readings, Bingo and cooking classes in the evenings. There were daily lectures given by the trainers that were informative and motivating. The food at Deerfield is AMAZING! I couldn’t believe that after ordering my meals each evening that I was eating less than 1,400 calories because it sure tasted like more! My favorite lunch was the turkey burger with non-fat pesto mayonnaise. The fruit was always fresh and delicious. Dinner time was always fun because every night the dessert was a surprise. Some of my favorites (and there are MANY) were the minicheese cakes, cherry delight and tiramisu to name just a few. The people I met at Deerfield during my stay made my time there even better than I could have imagined. Many guests had been going to Deerfield for 10 or more years and I realize now why they keep coming back! The camaraderie between guests is unmatched. I have traveled alone many times in my life, but at Deerfield I never felt alone. Each week I was pleasantly surprised by the people I met, many of whom I will keep in touch with via e-mail and I hope to meet again when I return to Deerfield next summer. I ended up losing 15lbs during my 3 week stay and I wish I had taken my measurements because I know I lost lots of inches too. I left Deerfield feeling empowered, happy and ready to face the challenges of everyday life. I have continued to eat right, exercise daily and feel so much better about myself and the future. I can’t wait to return to Deerfield and when I do the staff will see an improved me and I will be forever thankful to all of them for helping me change my life for the better. I never got back the $100 deposit that I put down for my trip to Spain….but It was definitely worth losing that money as I gained (not weight) so much more from my stay at Deerfield!”

– M.G., Bogota, Columbia, Aug 08