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Magic? I don’t know, but today during my power walk after breakfast I suddenly started thinking and feeling differently about my ability to sustain all the positive changes I’ve made here after I return home in less than a week.  All of a sudden I found myself thinking and saying to myself, “Of course I can do this at home.  It’s not going to be that hard.  I am in the groove and I WANT to keep doing it, and I think I’ve been making it out in my mind to be more complicated than it needs to be.”  In that moment, I realized I had traded fear for a genuine sense of competency.  And it wasn’t just aspirational self-talk.  It felt REAL. It felt like magic.

I don’t know where this sudden shift came from, but I realized, “Of course I’m capable of shopping for the right groceries and cooking the right things and making the right choices in restaurants and refraining from recreational munching.”  First of all, I have to go grocery shopping anyway, so I’ll just buy the things that will make it easy for me to stay healthy.  I’ll make a list and stick with it.  Though that the kids will want their junk in the house, I’m not buying it! So there!  I’ve been planning anyway to have a plan each week for what dishes to cook each week, what snack items to prepare in advance so they’ll be easy t grab.  I’ll do what I’ve done here the couple times I’ve gone out – I’ll make a plan in advance as to what I’m going to eat and drink if it’s a place that serves alcohol.  The more I plan, the less afraid I have to be.

It’s like having a to-do list.  I have always found a to-do list a great anxiety reliever.  If it’s all down in black and white, I don’t have to worry about it.  I’ll know exactly what needs to be done the next time I sit down to work, or the next time I set out for errands, or the next time I clean my house.  If it’s all part of a plan, I don’t have to worry about doing it when I’m NOT working.

But I think the other factor at work here is mindset.  Of course having a plan is crucial.  Having the right knowledge, skills and tools is crucial.  But a can-do mindset, especially when it’s not just self-directed propaganda, but GENUINE, somehow makes putting the plan, skills, and tools to work, seem do-able. And I don’t know where the mindset shift came from today, but I’m going to embrace it, trust it, and run with it.