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I fell today, on the advanced hike.  But during the split second in which I realized I was falling, I was able to brace myself so I wouldn’t go flat on my face into the rock I had stumbled on.  And hardly another split second after that, I pushed myself right back up to my feet.  It was pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself!

It occurred to me that my gains of the last few weeks in strength, balance, and agility probably saved me from knocking out my front teeth.  And then THAT got me thinking metaphorically again, as I am prone to do on these hikes.

It got me thinking that in life, we can stumble and fall – I don’t mean physically – but we can make a bad decision, we can misjudge, misspeak, we can inadvertently hurt someone else or ourselves through our actions.  It’s inevitable for us to make mistakes.   But if we are emotionally strong, mentally agile, and all around balanced in our life, those missteps don’t have to be as damaging as they might otherwise be.

I also realized I had fallen because I was not looking where I was stepping.  I was focused on where the trail was leading up ahead. Aha! Another golden hiking metaphor…  I realized in life too, while we certainly want to be aware of the general direction of whatever path we’re on, if we dwell on the future we won’t be able to give the here and now the attention it needs for us to traverse it successfully – and ultimate get to that part ahead.  Cementing the thought for myself, I said, ” glance up ahead, have an idea where your future may lead, but don’t dwell on it to the exclusion of the present, otherwise it’s too easy to be sidelined by obstacles in your path.