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I love this place.  If my kids moved in with me, I could live here forever!  Sure it’s partly that someone cooks and serves me my meals, cleans up afterward, makes my bed, cleans my room, does my laundry, provides a dizzying array of exercise and stress management activities, pampers me on occasion, and teaches me how to live healthfully, all of which is pretty nice – you know, if you go for that stuff.

But aside from all that is camaraderie.  There’s always someone to chat with, laugh with, commiserate with, compare notes with, and just BE with.  And it’s not just that there are people around when you want them.  It’s the KIND of people who come here.  I have never been in a place that attracts such consistently nice people.

I’ve been here over three weeks now and I can’t get over how, no matter where they live, how old they are, what their situation in life is, what they do for a living , man, woman, married, single, divorced, widowed, here alone, here with a friend or a group, here with a partner or spouse, for the first time, the tenth time, staying a weekend, staying a month, outgoing, shy – you name it – they’re nice.

And since I’m here not only to accomplish a weight loss a fitness jump start, but to learn lessons to take home with me, I’m realizing one of the priorities I need to put on my list of things to do when I get home is find ways to be with people more.

I work from my home office, which I really love, but it can be a little isolating.  And I hunker down at my computer with blinders on and don’t look up until one of my kids gently alerts me it’s almost dinner time.  But I’ve experienced how interacting with others can actually make me calmer, happier, feel less alone, appreciate myself more (hey, I AM funny, or interesting, or a good sounding board), and make me more focused, positive, and productive when I AM working.

So although at home it usually seems like an indulgence to take a few minutes and talk to a friend on the phone, or to join colleagues for a lunch break, or heaven forbid, to make plans on a weeknight with a friend, I can feel the good it does for me and I want to find a way to do more of it when I go home.