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It’s such a small world.  Here I am in what I thought was the middle of nowhere – way out in the country – and it turns out it’s not so remote after all.  I guess that’s kind of the best of both worlds… feeling like you’re really “away” but not having to go far from home to get there.

I keep meeting people who know people I know.  I love it.  It makes me feel connected to home – and to the universe.  It started the first day I got here, when I met the representative from Sprayology (that’s a product Deerfield sells in its boutique).  Through our conversation we discovered we come from the same hometown and when I told her my last name she said, “your mother was my teacher!”  Then I met another woman who lives in Maryland, but grew up in Asbury Park and knew my father’s cousin.

Then I met this nice gal who’s a lawyer from Long Island, and I said, “Oh, one of my best friends from college is a lawyer and she lives on Long Island too.  Maybe you know her.”  Immediately, we started laughing because the thought was pretty preposterous – after all, what are the chances… Long Island is a big place and women lawyers our age are a dime a dozen there.  But sure enough, they know each other – well!  Then today, I was talking to this couple from Connecticut who came for a long weekend, and after a short while, we realized they know my sister, who lives in North Jersey.    You never know!