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Water aerobics, pool fitness, aqua toning… whatever you call it, I always thought exercising in the pool was “easier.”  But in the daily pool classes here, I’ve discovered that training in the water can as strenuous – if not more – than training on land not because of what we do in the water, but how I do it.

Again, everyone goes at their own pace.  But I’ve started taking it up a notch during a moderate class, to make the workout higher-intensity – for more calorie burning, more dramatic gains in cardio-vascular capacity, and more dramatic improvements in muscle toning, strengthening, and sculpting.

What I’ve learned is I can bring my muscles to the point of fatigue in the pool.  One of the trainers is showing me how to pushing myself in the water.  And, I can get to my abs so much more effectively in the pool than on land.  It just took a good trainer to explain proper form and posture for really working those core muscles from my pelvis to my bust and 360 degrees around my trunk.  I actually feel myself working deep in those abs without any of the strain on my low back, neck or shoulders that I typically get when doing ab work in a gym.

I even did a personal pool training the other day with one of my favorite trainers, and he  k-i-c-k-e-d  my butt!  He had me challenging myself in ways I would never have thought of.

I also get an amazing upper-body strength workout in the pool, using weights, noodles, webbed gloves and other equipment.

The bottom line is I have a new-found respect for water workouts and I’ve learned new tricks for making my own pool workouts as intense as any on land.  I guess it’s like anything else: It’s not only what you do, but how you do it that counts.