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Well, I weighed myself for the first time today…. and 4 ½ pounds down!!! I’m so psyched! NOW, I know a lot must be “water,” especially because I haven’t used salt since the night I got here, but still 4 ½ pounds difference on the scale is exciting to see, and I’m giving myself plenty of credit for keeping to approximately 1,200 calories a day, exercising my tail off for two to three hours a day, and drinking water and tea constantly throughout the day.

I can only assume that every little bit helps, and although I have so much further to go, I have to believe that if I keep doing what I did this past week, I’ll like what I see on the scale a week from today.  For that matter, I’ll probably like what I see in the mirror better a week from today.

I have to remind myself to just stick with it.  Just keep doing the next right thing, and in time, I’ll get where I’m going.