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So, the food.  Yes, the food.  The food here is really good.  I can’t believe how good food cooked without salt, fat and sugar can taste. I am truly enjoying it all. But because I am choosing to keep to approximately 1200 calories a day, the portion sizes are much smaller than I’m used to.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are normal portion sizes, the kind nutritionists tell you to eat – for example 4 ounces of protein, in some cases 6.  I’m just used to plowing through more than half a rotisserie chicken by myself! Going back for seconds on practically everything.  Ordering – and eating – a 12 or even 16-ounce steak.

So when my dad asked me last night on the phone if I’m hungry here, I said the only time I feel hungry is when the plate first arrives and I see just how little is on it…compared to what I’m used to.  The truth is I am not hungry.  When I finish a meal, my stomach feels full.  It’s just that in many cases I’d like to keep eating because what I just ate was so good, I want more of it.  But that is entertainment, not nutrition.  So am I wildly entertained, the way I am when I feast beyond fullness on Italian food, or Thai food, or ribs, or a burger and fries? Not wildly entertained. But I am starting to feel a little less bloated and a little more optimistic about learning to eat like a healthy human being.

So I deal with the momentary feeling of disappointment that there’s no more to eat.  I drink a little more water, or make myself a cup of tea.  I have a little more conversation, and before I know it, the feeling has passed.  I am fine.  No, better than fine.  I feel good. Not having seconds or more than my serving didn’t kill me.  The pangs were only momentary. And I am headed in a good direction.  Cool.