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Well here I am at Deerfield Spa.  My name is Bari.  I’m 40-something years old, and I’ve come here to get myself headed back to health. I’m 5’1″, at least 50 pounds overweight, and I haven’t exercised with any regularity in well over a year.  Though I know a turn-around of the magnitude I need is a long-term process, I’ve set aside five weeks for a stay here at Deerfield to jump-start my journey.  And I’m planning to share it all in this blog.  I hope that documenting my progress will both help me stay on track, and maybe even help others who might relate to some of my struggles.

I plan to eat roughly 1200 calories a day and drink tons of water.  I figure I gotta lose weight this way… but equally importantly, I want to learn how to eat.  I want to break my bad eating habits and get used to better ones.  I want to regain a modicum of physical strength and stamina to set the stage for continuing improvements in my fitness and vitality, and most of all, my goal here at Deerfield is to re-set my head!

I want desperately to trade in my hopeless, helpless mindset, the feeling that I’ve dug too deep a hole for myself to climb out of, that I have too many pounds to lose, changing is too hard, too painful, I can’t do it, I’m too weak, and my responsibilities, limitations, and life’s pressures make it impossible for me to do it… What I want most from my six weeks here (well, aside from a better body) is to reclaim an outlook that is positive and strong, to not feel so hungry and tired and beaten all the time, and to set myself on a path back to health and happiness.

So I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’d love to hear from you.  Anything you want to share with me about your own path… suggestions, comments, or questions.  I figure I can use all the support I can get, so your comments are welcome any time.  Just click on the comment link below and drop me a line.   Meanwhile, wish me luck!